Where have I been all these months?

It’s really not a great story… in fact it’s kind of stupid, so here goes. So I sleep with my eyes open… yup, I know what you’re thinking, it is really creepy looking. Back in October one of my cats decided that I needed to wake up and feed her, but I sleep like a rock.

She even looks evil!

She even looks evil!

So she started to paw at my face, I’m still still sound asleep but she’s succeed in scratching my eyeball. This balloons into an absolutely epic eye infection, except I have no clue this is what’s happened until one day most of my face feels like it’s on fire! Perhaps feeling run down and generally crappy all the time should have been an indicator but I just assumed that it was seasonal depression or something. My doctor prescribed some heavy duty antibiotics, and the infection finally cleared up around the beginning of December. Which was just in time for me to to start panicking that it’s Christmas season and my store is wholly unprepared. Throw in some seasonal depression and a large backlog at work and I disappear for a while. I think that in a two month stretch I only wore latex once and that was for our monthly Milwaukee Fetish Night.

The first Milwaukee Fetish Night

The first Milwaukee Fetish Night

But on a happy note, I’ve had most of the post about Montreal Fetish Weekend finished months ago so that will be posted soon. Also I’m really excited to be back, I have a lot of things I want to write about! I’m also working on a new project that would involve video. More on that soon.

Lastly I’m going to reformat this blog. It wouldn’t be bad if I was pushing a product or had some sort of agenda, but I really don’t. I just want to write about latex clothes and my experiences while wearing them. So this should not feel like a work thing. What this means is that I’m NOT going to try to make this super formatted to try and get the highest possible Google page rank or any other crap. If people read this and like it, cool. If someone comes to my site and sees that it’s not a free porn site and clicks away in two seconds, that’s ok too. So if you like what I write here, you should totally subscribe to my blog and at some point I’ll send out exclusive photos to all the subscribers!

TheProdigalParadoxWhere have I been all these months?

Montreal Fetish Weekend 2014 Trip Report – Part 1

So like I said earlier in the week…. er, I mean a couple weeks ago, my trip report about going to Montreal Fetish Weekend!

My story actually starts in 2013, more specifically the Friday before Memorial Day in 2013. That was the I had a double orchiectomy aka having my testicles removed. It didn’t go so well and resulted in a massive infection, a follow-up surgery to correct the first one, and finally a long recovery that involved a large hole in my scrotum.  This and Captain_Strange’s concussion caused us to cancel going to Montreal Fetish Weekend 2013. Shortly before MFW 2013 began I emailed Eric Paradis, the promoter of MFW about our problems and asked about how could I go about selling or transferring the tickets. He was super accommodating and offered to carry the amount I paid for tickets forward to 2014. Thank you Eric! United Airlines was less agreeable and told me that since my tickets were non-refundable I would have to pay a $150 reschedule fee (or something) PER TICKET and use the money within one year! Ouch! So instead of Montreal we went to the Fetish Fantasy Halloween Ball a few months later in Las Vegas and another party in Seattle.

My infected scrotum

My infected scrotum

Now rewind to January this year. In the back of my mind I have this nagging feeling that I need to do something with that airfare credit eventually. So I called United and I found out that I only had a few days left to use the money or it would expire! WTF? It turns out that it wasn’t one year from the scheduled travel, it’s one year from when the tickets were originally purchased. At this point I frantically check the dates for this years Montreal Fetish Weekend and check it against the available flights. (SPOILER: This is the point where things start to go wrong.) I booked a flight that leaves Milwaukee, Wisconsin Wednesday afternoon and then departs Montreal Sunday afternoon. I would have preferred a later flight but I saw that the next flight was Labor Day Monday and about $400 more per ticket then the amount of credit I had available, That and then we would need to book another night of hotel, food, etc. So in the interest of trying to keep the costs under control I committed to what I felt was a less then satisfactory schedule but then I promptly didn’t think about any of this for the next seven months.

I didn’t just forget all about Montreal during this time. I looked at the event on Fetlife a couple of times. Marked down that I was going. At some point I booked a room at the Hotel des Gouverneurs, which is the hotel that the majority of the event is held at. I think around May I marked on the calendar at work that I was going to be gone. But I spent a lot of this summer doing other stuff and researching potential places for us to move to.

Trying on my new latex before Montreal Fetish Weekend.

Trying on my new latex before Montreal Fetish Weekend.

Fast forward to early August. Now I’m starting to actually think about Montreal but in some sort of detached way, like it’s still a ways off, but at this point it’s only four weeks away. I have a bunch of new pieces to wear from Vex Clothing(link) and I have a few more things on order which SHOULD be done in time. (pic of glove, riding outfit, etc.) At this point I’m feeling rather apprehensive about going to Montreal. The little voice in my head keeps screaming at me that something is wrong, but I mostly write it off as a case of nerves because I have plenty of new latex to wear, booked the flight, the hotel, and we have tickets from last year. That’s everything right?

Trying on my new riding outfit @ Vex Clothing

Trying on my new riding outfit @ Vex Clothing

August continues along, I turned 37 to very little fanfare. Got my hair cut and re-colored from the mess that my previous stylist made of it back in February. We even went to Vex the week before leaving to pick-up the last pieces for the trip. Now I’m in total freak-out mode. I had an order for hoods from Latex Nemesis that won’t be ready in time and I really wanted a hood for the trip. So Laura at Vex turns out hoods for each of us in two days and mails then to us the week of the trip. So now everything should be ok, right? Nope, something is still nagging at me but I can’t figure it out. So what do I do, I finally look at the MFW schedule and the Fetlife group. Oh look, I should buy tickets for the bus to get to the Fetish Photo Convoy. I do this and I get an email from Eric the next day that says something to the effect of glad you’ll be there, but do you have tickets for the actual event?

WHAT?!?! Of course I have tickets, why would I book all this stuff if I didn’t have tickets for the actual event? So I review the emails that Eric and sent back and forth last year. At this point I should point out two things. When I originally email Eric last year about us being unable to attend I had a hole in my scrotum that you could stick your entire thumb into and not touch any flesh. Also I didn’t know that I have dyslexia. I still haven’t been formally diagnosed but it’s pretty obvious I have it. Ask me to point left and watch the confused look on my face as I have to really think about it for two seconds before I accidentally point right and try to play it off my saying I’m pointing at your left.

Back to my story: Upon looking at the nearly year old emails, it states that I have a $200 CREDIT for next year and when I go to purchase tickets send Eric a message so I can get charged the correct amount. OH SHIT, WE DON’T HAVE EVENT TICKETS! Once again Eric comes to the rescue and applied the previous years amount for one ticket and I purchased a second one. All the while kicking myself for not having re-read the emails months ago when I could have bought tickets at half price.

This now brings us to the Monday night before our Wednesday departure. I’m slowly packing my mountains of latex clothes and all the while some thing keeps bugging me. I can’t stop feeling this incredible sense of foreboding like some sort of impending doom is coming. So I start checking over every stupid things like making sure that United Airlines is still flying or that Montreal didn’t have a zombie outbreak. Nope. Then I’m looking at the weekend schedule. Why is the fetish walk 2 PM on Sunday, isn’t that when we’re flying out? Crap, our plane is taking off right at the beginning of the fetish walk! The very thing that alerted me that we didn’t have event tickets is at the same time as our return flight! At this point I’m on the verge of a full melt down. I’ve wanted to go to this event for years and now I get to go only to miss the best part! Frantically I check United’s website for a later flight on Sunday. Nothing. The next flight is Monday morning at 6 AM. At this point I’m in a severe conundrum, if I change the tickets again it’s $150 per ticket change fee. Add in additional meals, possibly an extra night of hotel, and then not much time to recover before I have to go back to work. After talking to a ticketing agent at United, I decide to take a chance and kick this can down the road until Sunday morning. If I change the ticket within 24 hours of the flight, then it’s only a $75 fee per ticket assuming that the airfare is still the same price by then.

Now it’s Wednesday morning, I’m at the point where I’m packing the last minute things like my toiletries and double checking my list. I think my this point I’ve burned myself out by worrying so much I just want this trip to be over! I know, what a horrible way to look at such an amazing event. But I’ve invested myself so emotionally in this and so much has gone wrong and over all it’s been so stressful, that I almost wish I was already done with this vacation.

To be continued in Part 2!

TheProdigalParadoxMontreal Fetish Weekend 2014 Trip Report – Part 1

Weekly Airi Update 9/1-9/7/14 – Sick Airi

So that planned multi-part post about Montreal Fetish Weekend is delayed.


I’m sick.

I think this all started because of Montreal. The week of the event I ate like crap because I didn’t want to cook and was just to stressed out to care. I also dropped my usual salad for dinner habit that week because I figured that I’d just end up throwing a bunch of stuff away. Then in Montreal we ate a lot of mall Chinese food and occasionally better food. After I came back the house was empty and I didn’t go shopping immediately or start cooking until mid-week.

The moral of this story is that you can’t party 14 hours a day and eat like crap before and afterwards and stay healthy. Last week I probably could have kicked the cold before it got worse and I should have, buuuuuut… Captain_Strange and I had an event to host instead. Last Saturday was our inaugural Milwaukee Fetish Night event!

The first Milwaukee Fetish Night

The first Milwaukee Fetish Night

Then event went really well, we pretty much packed the bar and everyone had a good time! I meet a bunch of people that I’ve seen on Fetlife but have never actually talked to so that was cool. But how did this cause my cold to blow-up? Vaping! For those of you who are not in the know, vaping is:

Vaping utilizes a Propylene Glycol or Vegetable Glycerin based liquid, mixed with small amounts of nicotine and food grade flavoring that then get vaporized in a small battery powered atomizer, Simulating the experience of smoking. (grimmgreen.com/noobieguide)

So we’re in a bar that comfortably seats about 50 people and probably ten of them are blowing out clouds of this stuff and I’m trying to talk over the loud music. I woke up the next morning feeling kind of crappy, my voice was a little horse, and my head felt like it was filled with fog. Things got better through the day, but by evening it got worse and by midnight I felt pretty awful. So now I’m writing this Monday night and I’ve felt absolutely terrible all day! I hope this goes away later in the week so I can actually get things done before my next trip.

BTW, doesn’t Jenna Latex look lovely on our flyer?



TheProdigalParadoxWeekly Airi Update 9/1-9/7/14 – Sick Airi

Weekly Airi Update 8/11-8/31/14 – WTF Happened?

So a few weeks went by with no Weekly Airi Update or anything else.


Why was that you ask?


That’s because absolutely nothing has happened in my life for weeks!


Actually my life has been totally crazy lately! Most of it revolves around preparing for and going to Montreal Fetish Weekend. For me to take off from running my store I have to get ahead on my work which means working a lot of 10-12 hour days. For something that was only a 5 day trip with the majority of the first and last day being travel, it certainly has taken up an inordinately large amount of my time lately. Later this week I will post all about our trip, but right now I need to continue unpacking and cleaning all the latex I wore at the event.





TheProdigalParadoxWeekly Airi Update 8/11-8/31/14 – WTF Happened?

Weekly Airi Update 8/4-8/10/14 The longboard that ate my wallet!

Changing the format – I decided that I should use my definition of a week, Monday through Sunday even though the calendar says a week should be Sunday through Saturday. Whatever. So I’m going to strive to have these posts up sometime Monday as my recap of the previous week.

So this week I’ve been trying to clean the apartment as I’ve realized that I’ve been accumulating too much crap! Thus I can’t seem to find things when I want them like my copy of Photoshop. Part of this came from watching “Tiny” on Netflix, a documentary about a guy who built a tiny house. I’ve been pretty obsessed with tiny houses for about the last year. I think it all started when I began reading the Minimialists and really started examining the role of stuff in my life. While I’m not going to be one of those only own 100 possessions type of people, it definitely made me realize that I want to have more time for experiences in my life and spend less time working and maintaining my stuff. I will still have a bunch of stuff and continue to get more stuff but each time I look to buy something new I have to ask myself, “will this object bring enough value to my life to justify the hours I spent working to get the money to buy it as well as the hours I will have to work in the future to store and maintain this thing?”

That last thought has led me to some pretty interesting places that and reading books and websites that discuss that whole idea in-depth. The main result has been a quest to revisit interests from my past that I either shelved or never pursed. One of these such interests is skateboarding. So about six months ago I bought a regular skateboard deck and a longboard deck. In the interest of not hurting myself too much I decided to put together the longboard first and get acquainted with riding that before I build a skateboard and try to learn tricks.

The bottom graphic on my new long board.

The bottom graphic on my new long board.

In the fashion of most of my projects, my quest to skateboard again keeps hitting new snags. The longboard mostly came together fairly fast until Captain_Strange said that I just shouldn’t just put deck tape on. He suggested that I come up with some pattern to do with the deck tape since people will actually see that and not the cool graphic on the bottom of my board. So I agreed and after much thought I settled on doing a World War 2 Japanese flag design… and it that took forever to finish! Mostly it was my fault for being too perfectionist about it, but I’m pretty satisfied with how it turned out.

The deck tape that took forever to do.

The deck tape that took forever to do.

This past weekend we allocated time to go skateboarding and Captain_Strange thought he had two sets of pads and wrist guards. When he looked he only found one set. So now it was our fifth(?) trip to the skate shop for something. If course they are out of stock on the package set of pads and guards in my  size. So yet another week will go by before I make an ass- -er, ride again. Who knows maybe next weeks’ post will be written while waiting at the ER. I hope not!

TheProdigalParadoxWeekly Airi Update 8/4-8/10/14 The longboard that ate my wallet!
How to kill yourself painfully!

Latex Chlorination – WARNING: This post is wordy!

Simply put chlorination is a chemical process that changes the surface structure of latex where chlorine molecules attach to sites on the latex molecules. The outcome of this process is that the latex is much smoother. As a result you usually won’t need talc or other dressing aids to get your latex clothes on.

I won’t write about the process too much because I have no intention of doing this myself. Basically it involves mixing bleach and hydrochloric acid or bleach and vinegar to produce chlorine gas. If you really want to know more about this, go here and you can read all about it.

I could just picture how me doing DIY chlorination would go. I live in a two bedroom apartment that I share with my sister.

“Hey Laura, make sure you keep your window open, and your door closed. I’m going to make hydrochloric acid to alter my latex clothes. Also, you might want to keep the cats in your room while I do this so I don’t kill them with chlorine gas.”

Yup, not a good idea unless you have a good work space and proper ventilation.

Positive effects of chlorination:

  • dressing is generally easier and does not require dressing aids
  • latex won’t stick to itself
  • layering latex is easier since it just slides on
  • the smell much subtler (personally I think of this as a negative!)
  • some people with latex allergies are able to wear chlorinated latex and not react

Negative effects of chlorination

  • color change can happen, blacks are not as dark
  • latex might not shine up as well
  • older latex might turn to goo during the process

While there are several companies and individuals that do chlorination and/or advertise it on Fetlife, so far I have only used two different ones for mine. Thus I will confine my review and information of chlorination to them. They are Catalyst Latex in the UK and Kink In The Box in Texas.

Gord at Catalyst is pretty easy going about the process. I email him a list of things I’m looking to have chlorinated. He responds with how many batches it will take and then gives me a shipping address and instructions to make sure the latex is properly cleaned and how much to put on the customs forms to avoid import duties. I then securely pack my latex and mail it off. About a week later Gord sends an email confirming that he got the clothes and a rough time frame for the process. Next he sends an email to tell me that he’s done chlorinating the latex and is confirming my shipping address so he can get me a total for the chlorination as well as the return shipping. I Paypal the money over and then he emails a tracking number.

Kink-In-The-Box on the other hand is much less personal but I feel their approach is more professional. You go on there website and select from a drop down menu whether you are getting a small item such as gloves, catsuit, mask or a large item like a vac bed or sheets, and the quantity. Then you pay and later on you get a form email with instructions about cleaning your latex, talcing it, and the address to mail your latex to. Next they send you an email confirming that they received your latex and the results of their inspection and you get a order ID assigned to you. A few days later I received another email telling me that the chlorination was done and successful. Finally a fourth email which has the tracking number of the return package.

I like both places for various reasons. I like how Gord at Catalyst sometimes puts little personal messages about what I’m getting chlorinated. Like his comment on my DeMask torpedo tit catsuit being the Cadillac of catsuits or him asking where I got my mackintosh from because it’s very authentic. Though I like Kink-In-The-Box from the standpoint of their standardization and automation of the entire process. At the end of the day I think Catalyst will be my chlorinater of choice for all my complex pieces but Kink-In-The-Box will be the place where get my basic items done due to the high cost of shipping latex to and from the UK.

Things to keep in mind with chlorination.

-It does not add any UV protection, but if you’re looking for something that does, I recommend McNett UV-Tech Protectant.

-Normally chlorinated latex slides right on with no dressing aids, but if the latex or the wear’s skin is damp it will stick. Vivashine and other dressing aids on the inside of your latex negate the benefit of chlorination.

-The process will not “fix” abraded or worn spots on your latex.

Overall I’ve had most of my latex chlorinated. Also I have pretty sensitive skin, so I’ve already discovered that dressing with some lubes causes my skin to break out in something that looks like hives. So I’m a little worried about developing a latex allergy from wearing latex as often as I do thus it’s like preemptively striking before I develop one.

TheProdigalParadoxLatex Chlorination – WARNING: This post is wordy!

Weekly Airi Update #2

I wanted to get this up Wednesday or Thursday but I ended up spending more time at work then I wanted to so I could have Thursday off to go to Vex Clothing for another fitting. On top of all that my acupuncturist had me cut way back on gluten and dairy. Which was a little hard, but the biggest problem I’m having is that I perpetually feel tired all day. At least with cutting out a lot of the carbs I was eating, I’m slowly getting those sculpted abs I always wanted!

Last weekend, Captain_Strange and I wanted to get some dressing in latex time in and do something outside the house Sunday. We did the later and not the former. 🙁 We ended up heading out to Baraboo to see the Forevertron the world’s largest scrap metal sculpture, very cool stuff! Oddly enough I didn’t take any pictures. But I know we’re going to have to go back sometime and do a latex photo shoot, we just have to find a photographer.

Also last Saturday was the first munch I’ve been to in ages! For those of you who are not in the know, a munch is kind of like a BDSM get together where it’s a meet and greet in a public setting. The reason it’s called a munch is that their is usually food available. This was a lot of fun, met some new people including a service sub that’s into latex! We’ll see where this goes. I honestly thought I had enough cocks… er, I mean guys in my life but he seems like a pretty cool guy! Also I had a long talk with one of my friends about guns. I haven’t gone shooting in over a year and since then I’ve bought two more guns. I really want to get some pics of me dressed in latex shooting. So all in all an awesome weekend!

TheProdigalParadoxWeekly Airi Update #2

Weekly Airi Update #1

I’ve been doing this blog for a while and all the while I kept thinking, “I feel that I need to convey what is going on in my life outside of kink so that the kink aspects of my life have more context.” Translated that means that I do a lot of stuff other then kink and these things affect my relationship with kink. That and I just want to write about things other then kink every so often. Since this is my blog, you can choose to not read this if all you want is kink stuff.

My arm a few days after archery.

My arm a few days after archery.

So, the last week has been interesting for me, some kink stuff, a lot of non-kink stuff. I’m sure you’re thinking that the pic here is something really kinky. Nope! That was actually archery. Sunday Captain_Strange and I finally got off our asses and did some archery. So I took the bow I’ve had sitting around for the last twenty years into a shop for service and restringing. It turns out that it requires 50+ pounds of pull to fully draw. To say the least I’ve lost a lot of muscle mass since I transitioned, so I traded it it for credit towards a 30 pound bow.

After celebrating Captain_Strange’s birthday and having some alcohol we went to a local park that had hay bails set up we proceeded to shoot some arrows. In spite of the fact that I had a wrist guard I kept catching my left arm with the string. Of course I’m drunk so I really don’t think much of it because I’m having so much fun! After about half an hour of this I’m sober enough to realize that because I’m double jointed in my elbows, I’m locking my arm and as a result it keeps getting hit. So I fix this just in time for us to quit.

Latex Nemesis Hood

Latex Nemesis Hood

On the kink front, I got the first of my five hoods I have on order from Latex Nemesis. Once again I fall weirdly in between sizes. A large is way too small for my face, but the XL is huge on me, so she is going to make them custom for me. That really sucked, I’m worried that I won’t have them in time for Montreal Fetish Weekend.

This hood is WAY to big for my head.

This hood is WAY to big for my head.

Lastly if you’ve been here before, you probably noticed that they layout has changed again. I really wasn’t happy with the old theme I was using. Pictures off my camera and phone always got weirdly stretched for some reason. They would always look fine when I was previewing things, but as soon as I published the post, they were stretched out. People would bring it up in the support forum, and the theme author either ignored them or gave a blow-off answer. So I got sick of this and decided to actually buy a premium WordPress theme. I decided to go with X the Theme. So far I’m not liking this. Some of the “required” plug-ins aren’t installing correctly and it’s nowhere nearly as easy as they claim it is to use. Of course this could also be because I’m more or less just fumbling through this entire process as I don’t know how to make a website. Hopefully it will look better as I find more time to screw around with the layout.

Until next week!



TheProdigalParadoxWeekly Airi Update #1

Talc As a Latex Dressing Aid

One of the more common dressing aids for getting latex on is talc or talcum powder. This allows the latex to slide on easier. Preferably you want UNSCENTED TALC as the scent might be derived from oil that can destroy your latex.

One of those things I didn’t have when I first started buying latex. So I would spend 30+ minutes struggling to get a pair of opera gloves on and it mostly happened because my sweat lubed up the inside so they could eventually slide on. When I bought my DeMask torpedo tit catsuit (pictured here, on the DeMask main menu), this was just ridiculous! I would be drenched in sweat by the time I was only half into the suit. So I looked into dressing aids. You can either dress wet or dry. Wet entails some sort of lube or liquid dressing aid such as Vividress which I will write about it the future. I choose to go with talc for the longest time because it’s relatively cheap and I don’t have to worry about a liquid oozing out of my latex and onto things.Also talc can be easily vacuumed up if you make a mess, and it keeps your latex from sticking together when it’s in storage.

8 pounds of talc

8 pounds of talc

What I do when I’m dressing with talc is that I like to have a powder squeeze bottle like the kind that Gold Bond comes in. I’ve cleaned the previous contents out and washed the bottle. Then I fill it with talc. This way I squeeze a fine mist of powder to the inside of the garment. Next I usually lightly shake the garment to get the talc evenly distributed inside it and to shake off the excess. Lastly, gently slide into your latex garment!

A Gold Bond container emptied and refilled with pure talc.

A Gold Bond container emptied and refilled with pure talc.

There also is chlorination which changes the chemical structure of latex to make it smoother (if such a thing is possible!) so that you can dress with out dressing aids. Stay tuned, I will write about this in the future!

TheProdigalParadoxTalc As a Latex Dressing Aid